Internet Marketing

SEO is Search Engine Optimization and is a very important part of an Internet Marketing Plan. This just means optimizing your site and making it popular so it can be read and understood by the main Search Engines out there.

Basically, the idea is the following: You can have a finished site showing information about your company but if the Internet Search Engines (Google, Yahoo!, MSN, etc) are not able to read, or understand, what you are trying to sell then it is impossible these Search Engines rank you anywhere in their listings. Even if you are being read by the Search Engines you might not have the right content or use the Keywords that people are looking for in your texts.

You might ask yourself that if your Website is live and you have a property in Spain listing then why are you not found when you type 'Property in Spain' into the major Search Engines? The answer is very simple, the Internet search Engines might not even know that listing actually exists, even though you have properties and they are listed as being in Spain. There are all sorts of technology user nowadays to power dynamic content Websites but most of them are not able to supply listings that can be found by Google.

This is where you need SEO and is why you definitely have to think about Internet Website Promotion. A company that specialises in Internet Marketing, at least a proper one, will make your Webisite be easy to crawl by the Search Engines. Sometimes the technology used to power your site will have to go away altogether because it doesn't create the needed content for the major Search Engines.