Online Business Expansion Strategy

If you know your business needs to make the most of its Internet Presence, if you feel your product or service  should be in new markets and/or countries then we can help you find your way.

In today's digitally connected world some products can be sold on a global market to start with, a clear example of this is software, you do not have to ship software in boxes nowadays and software can sell in any part of the world instantly. Although there is much more to selling Software globally than just having the Payment Gateways and download servers.

Other times we have consolidated companies that have been selling their products locally and want to expand and sell to other places, be it inside the same country of origin or expand into other countries.

Whatever the case there is much more to launching your product or service globally than just creating a Website and wishing clients will magically come pouring with money in their pockets.

PinPointNetMarketing will help you expand your business and supply you with good, solid ideas you can use to grow your business into new markets.

Our activities include:

  • Seeking out potential customers, sources and markets that fit in with your existing business model
  • In case your business model needs to change we will help you find how to translate your business model to the new market.
  • Help you find the right business partners for your venture or the right intermediaries to give local presence to your product or service.
  • Finding the right pricing strategy for your market expansion. It's very important to understand that one price for all works only for some very limited products.
  • Help you find the right financing for your market expansion product.
  • Research into possible legal, licensing and regulatory requirements for the country you want to sell in.
  • We will help you discover the possible shipping, storage, marketing, shipping or store costs involved with selling to a new market.
  • Finding the right sales model for your business. Sometimes a location based approach might be needed to support Internet Presence in the new country.