Market to Sell and Earn money

Think of the Internet Marketplace as a war. No two ways about it. The better you are and the more you evolve more clients you'll have and the less clients your competitors will have.

Also analyze your competitors We must always research our competition and 'hit 'em where it hurts'.

You must React based on what your competitors do

Analyse the weak points:

  • What important concepts are they not marketing for?
  • Where are they missing out? For what services are you a better provider?
  • What new products do they not have?

And then we have to react:

  • Market ASAP  for those concepts they are not trying to hit.
  • Reinforce the services you know you are good at. Don't just take them for granted and think everyone else does too.
  • Incorporate all the new interesting products and techniques just after they've hit the market. Optimize those products and techniques so that you are the one that is found when People search for them.