01 Jan
Posted by Jose M. Arrando

I have been told I can be #1 on Google. True or false?

Google has a take on SEO companies, this is what they are saying about companies like ours, if Google says it then we can trust them by it.

Nobody can guarantee a number 1 position.

This is absolutely true, nobody can, how could they? There might be a small chance some company might obtain some benefits using black hat techniques but it's not worth it, DON'T USE THEM. You'll just get caught and then you'll be sand-boxed. That basically means your rankings will drop immediately or you might even get completely deleted from Google.

Don't trust any companies that speak about SEO like if it was something very difficult.

SEO is not Rocket Science. SEO is actually very simple, child's play. There are no magic formulas apart from doing things right. If a company is telling you about some obscure methods then just forget about them, it's not true. The only method that works is having Good Content, Good Incoming Links and making sure your Site can be indexed by Google.

Avoid companies that talk about 'links everywhere'.

Creating thousands of links from just about everywhere will not do anything for your ranking.

Know where you are investing.

We have already said that SEO is not Rocket Science. For this same reason you should always be well informed of where your money is going to. The best way to do this is ask for a detailed project specification on what is going to be done and what has been done if you have already contracted an Internet Marketing Plan. If a company does not want to supply you with this information the it's best you look for another SEO company that does.

This is just part of the Google document about SEO companies. Actually it all makes sense and, if you search a little, you'll probably find that quite a few companies use these ilegal practices, our advice is going to be Google's advice, stay away from them.