04 Oct
Thinking on doing your own Property Portal? (Part 3)
Written by Jose M. Arrando

Sales &Telemarketing


This is part 3 of ' So you have thought about building your own property portal', if you want to go to part two click here.

You now know how you are going to get your Property Portal built so it is competitive and you will be able to offer your potential clients benefit from visiting it.

That's great and means that with the marketing effort we'll see in chapter four money from publishing agents should come pouring in.

Will Agents come to me just because I'm good and have lots of visitors?

If you have a good portal and you have a good amount of Potential final clients visiting your Portal you will potentially have something Property Agents could die for. But these agents won't know you are fabulous unless you find them and tell them, if you don't tell them then you won't have publishing agents. Even if you did manage to get yourself 100000 visitors a day the first week the Property Agents won't know this and will never come to you with open wallets begging you to take their Properties in for publishing.

It might sound a little sad but that is the honest truth. You are going to have to follow these Agents and tell them how good you are, show them the great potential clients that visit your site and make them see how much profit is going to come to them if they publish with you. And then, and only then, will they start to open up their wallets.

This might sound like common sense but if you do not have a plan to go after these Real Estate agents and get them to publish with you then your Portal won't make money and you'll get nowhere.

So what will I have to do to the the Agents listing on my Property Portal?

Like it or not all property portals' sales are still based on just calling prospect Agents and getting them to subscribe to your portal.

All European portals that I can think about do this, all the big names from Kyero to Rightmove, they will always call you up and get you to sign into that special 'introductory or post-introductory' offer. This is the way Property Portals get their clients and you will have to do the same to stand any chance of even getting just one subscriber

Mail shots and social marketing are also widely used but the one that really closes deals is the good old phone call.

So, basically, if you are not willing to hire Telemarketers or are not willing to do it yourself then you will not get any new contracts and your property Portal will be just another Portal in the dead sea of Internet Property Portals.