Rivility Real Estate Software Solution

We are proud to present our new Real Estate Software Package.


  • ON-LINE SOFTWARE - Powered by Open Realty. You can have as many licenses as you like and you can use them from any PC or Internet enabled device, even on your phone!
  • FULL SEARCH ENGINE FRIENDLY TECHNOLOGY - Our Open Source technology is totally Search Engine Friendly, all your content including properties can be Indexed by Google.
  • SITEMAP CREATION - Prepares a full Google Compliant SiteMap just by clicking a button.
  • FAST AND EASY USER INTERFACE - The user Interface is lightning fast and very easy to follow. Full training is included.
  • KYERO EXPORT - Exports all active Properties to Kyero and these can be translated into the 9 languages Kyero Supports.
  • EASY TO MAINTAIN - You can change all the content easily and quickly without programming skills nor having to call a programmer to do the changes.
  • CHEAP - You just pay the license and no need to buy expensive software packets ever few years.
  • PORTABLE - The software can be taken to any server so you are not stuck with a hosting company or Real Estate Software company for life like you are with other systems.