Import XML to EZRealty

EzRealty can now automatically take property feeds from the agents you work with and import them into your Database. This means that you can offer their properties on your EzRealty website as if they were your own (or as if you had typed them in one by one). Which means you can multiply the selling power of your Website importing XML feeds from your collaborators or other Real Estate agencies.

Think about it. Imagine if you could offer potential buyers, say 500 properties rather than the ones you have right now? They wouldn’t have to look any further. And because you are local, you can work with your collaborators to offer all the best properties in your area.

it is a fully automatic system. It imports, updates and deletes properties from your agents into EzRealty every day, and is completely transparent to the EzRealty user. No delays, no buttons to hit or boxes to remember to check, it simply imports the properties you need, fast.

In fact, we make your EzRealty-based website work like a portal. It is a truly open format import system that doesn’t care what software your collaborators use to manage their properties. Provided they can supply a feed, you can have their properties on your site.