Open Realty to Kyero Export

Until now if you were using Open Realty and you wanted to export your properties to Kyero the only way to do it was through their Web Panel It is a good Web Panel but you had to go one by one through all your properties.


We have created an Open Realty to Kyero export script to do the job for you.


All you have to do is click and it will go through all your Open Realty Properties and create an XML feed that Kyero can download periodically. It is a fast and simple solution for those wanting to have the very best Open Source Technology on their site plus publish to one of the best Property Portals for Spanish and International Property.


It is fully compliant with Kyero and they can translate the content into 9 languages. It can be a great boost to any Internet Marketing Plan and can be set-up in minutes prior to contracting Kyero.


If you are interested drop us a line, we'll be more than glad to set it all up for you for a small fee.